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Established in 2020...

The Music Business Academy for Africa is a platform dedicated to developing a more informed and empowered workforce for the African Music and Entertainment industry.

MBA for Africa started as an Internship Programme in 2017 and then became a Talent Management Training Programme. As music from the African continent continued to penetrate global markets, we saw an increase in interest for music business education and the Music Business Academy for Africa was born in 2020.

Our mission is to develop a fool proof vocational programme that is adapted to the African market but with a clear understanding of global best practices. This is why we brought in some of the best brains in the business as faculty.

From business owners to country managers and marketing managers for some of Africa’s emerging businesses, we are building an army of informed, empowered and competent people for Africa’s creative industries.

About the 2021 Edition

MBA For Africa ’21 is a partnership between iManage Africa, a talent and events management company, and Music Ally, a global music business knowledge and skills company.

In collaboration with Carlos Chiniros Ph.D of the New York University’s Music Business Program, we are developing a global program. This three-way alliance will bring a programme of global industry standards to Africa for the FIRST TIME.

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A Practical Program...

This year we will introduce an exciting element called the “Talent Project” where we will select five (5) new talents from across the continent. The students will be broken into five (5) groups and each group will represent and develop one of
the five (5) talents each.

The objective of this project is to ensure that the students can practice the things they are learning as the program progresses. It is a hands on approach and the plan is to see actual results in artist’s development, music sales, social media growth amongst other things that will be used as the benchmark for growth.

Our Mission

To train and develop an informed and empowered workforce for Africa’s Entertainment Industry.

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