The Music Business
Academy for Africa 2022

A platform dedicated to training and developing an informed and
empowered workforce for Africa’s Entertainment Industry


In collaboration with Carlos Chiniros PhD
of the NYU Music Business Program.


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A 20-week online program curated by Godwin Tom

20 Weeks | 8 Modules | Local and International Guest Speakers

Module One

Introduction to Music
Business in Africa

02 July - 10 July

Class 1: African Music Industry History

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about opportunities that attracted majors to Africa in the 70s and 80s.
  2. Understand elements that led to the growth of the music industry in the 90s and 2000s
  3. Understand the roles of current stakeholders in the future of the African Music industry

Class 2: Music and The African Economy

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding how other sectors of the economy interact with the music and creative industries
  2. Gain knowledge of challenges hindering the growth of the music industry in Africa
  3. Identifying opportunities for growth and development in Africa’s music industry

Class 3: Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of company structure and starting a company.
  2. Identifying core roles needed in a company in the short and long term.

Class 4: Finance basics for Music Business

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding basic bookkeeping.
  2. Basic understanding of resource management (financial, human).
  3. Knowledge of tax management basics for Africa.

Module Two

Industries of the Music Business

A Dr. Carlos Chirinos Module

16 July - 24 July

Class 1: The Publishing Industry (Royalty Collection and Distribution)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compositions (not recordings of)
  2. Role of publishers, PRO’s and composers
  3. Royalty collection for Performance rights: TV, Radio, Online

Class 2: The Recording Industry

Learning Outcomes

  1. Master recordings
  2. Labels promotional strategies: singles, albums, collaborations.
  3. Digital distribution of sound recordings

Class 3: The Live Music Industry

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about concert promoters, agents and venues
  2. Understand concert production essentials (live music contracts)
  3. Learn about Logistics, ticket selling revenue, securing an international agent, starting a booking agency

Class 4: The Interactive Industry (Syncs, Placements and Opportunities in the digital Industry)

Learning Outcomes

  1. The basics of synchronization to film and TV, commercials, etc.
  2. Digital interactive: video games, VR, AR

Module Three

Management and A&R/ Music Development

06 August - 14 August

Class 1: Artist Management

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of the roles of managers and management
  2. Understanding of the skills and traits required for talent management
  3. Learn about conflict of interests and how they can adversely affect the artist-manager relationship
  4. Introduction to contracts for managers

Class 2: Managers and A&Rs as Stakeholders in Talent Development

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of the roles of an A&R.
  2. Ability to highlight revenue opportunities for A&R practitioners in the industry.
  3. Knowledge of the A&R process and players involved.

Class 3: Talent Discovery, Assessment and Development

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of the artist development process.
  2. Learning how to assess discovered talent.
  3. The Artist’s Life Cycle.

Class 4: Artistic Identity and Establishing a Core Audience

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify important elements of audience and fan engagement for conversions.
  2. Knowledge about how to create an identity for the talent.
  3. How to use social media and existing digital platforms to establish core audience

Module Four

Intellectual Property and Contracts

20 August - 28 August

Class 1: Copyrights

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how to protect copyright in Africa.
  2. Understanding the role of rights owners in the governance of CMOs and PROs.
  3. Knowledge of revenue streams in sound recording and composition.

Class 2: Music Industry Contracts I (Management and Label Contracts)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the role of Management and Managers
  2. Learning to propose managerial advice for artists.
  3. Defining and Differentiating the role of managers and labels using contracts.

Class 3: Music Industry Contracts II (Endorsements, Performances, Sponsorships)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding contract terms and clauses and their meanings and consequences.
  2. Learning contract drafting and negotiation.

Class 4: IP Valuation (Trademarks, Patents, Monetising IP)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of how the industry protects and monetise IP.
  2. Knowledge of considerations that shape IP laws.

Module Five

Music Production 101

03 September - 11 September

Class 1: Music Creation (Writing and Production)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about writing structures and processes
  2. Learn of the importance of split sheets for composers
  3. Revenue streams for composers

Class 2: Music Recording

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about recording basics and practices for recording artists
  2. Recording Etiquette

Class 3: Mixing and Mastering Music

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how to record music for mixing and mastering.
  2. How to find and work with the right mixing and mastering engineer for you.
  3. Mixing and Mastering for streaming and for performances

Class 4: Preparing Music for Release/Marketing

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn what needs to be done to release music on streaming platforms.
  2. Story telling and carrying an audience along (from recording to sales).
  3. Understanding music platforms and how to market and promote based on regions

Module Six

Music Marketing

17 September - 25 September

Class 1: Music and Brand Marketing

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of basic and relevant marketing concepts.
  2. Understanding the role of music marketing in decision making.

Class 2: Artist Planning

Learning Outcomes

  1. Marketing activities for each stage of the artist’s growth using the Artist life cycle.
  2. Knowledge of elements of an artist’s plan or business plan.

Class 3: Music Marketing Strategy

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn to develop marketing objectives for artist’s music and brand.
  2. Learn to evaluate marketing projects in line with strategic or business plan.

Class 4: Social Media and Digital Marketing

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding how to use social media as a marketing tool.
  2. Data collection through social media.

Module Seven

Monetising Music

08 October - 15 October

Class 1: Tools for Composers

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about useful tools for writing and producing music
  2. Learn about platforms used for revenue collection for composers
  3. Learn about how to work with publishers and PROs/CMOs

Class 2: Tools and Platforms for Recording Artists

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding revenue generating processes and mechanics on music platforms based on regions and other factors

Class 3: Music Distribution

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about local and international platforms
  2. Music planning and Music submission for artists
  3. Music aggregators and DIY platforms

Module Eight

Events and Touring in Africa

22 October - 30 October

Class 1: Event Planning and Management

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate ability to design and plan event.
  2. Define factors that contribute to successful show.
  3. Identify and avoid factors that contribute to unsuccessful events.

Class 2: Live Events practice

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of Management for events (Operations, Bookings, promotions, Agency, and promotion).
  2. Produce a real live event.
  3. Learning how to budget for and pitch events.

Class 3: Touring in Africa

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify challenges and opportunities in touring in Africa.
  2. Understanding of Investment opportunities in touring in Africa.
  3. Identifying investment challenges and solutions.

Class 4: Revenue Streams in Touring

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding of merchandising and cross marketing using events.
  2. Fan clubs and fan engagement through Live events.
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